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1. Zephyros 5:01
2. Dreamtime 4:30
3. Chinook Wind 4:16
4. Ruach 4:31
5. Garunda 5:58
6. Windhorse 4:46
7. The Unseen Power 5:19
8. Santa Ana Winds 4:36
9. Odyssey 5:53
10. Wind People 5:25
11. Eagle’s Coat 5:39
12. Brother Wind 8:47

David Liebman: Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Wooden Flute
Walter Quintus: Sounds

Recorded 2006 - 2008 by Walter Quintus at CMP Studio, Zerkall, Germany
Produced by Kurt Renker with Walter Quintus

“AIR” by Dave Liebman

This recording continues my goal of musically depicting the natural elements that surround us. As of this writing, I have recorded “Water-Giver of Live” for Arkadia Records featuring Pat Metheny in the late 1990s. My collaborations with master engineer Walter Quintus date back to 1986 with the solo recordings titled “The Loneliness Of A Long Distance Runner" and “Time Immemorial” in 1996. This present voyage places me in a context of soundscapes and textures celebrating the element of air in all its manifestations, provided by Walter, traversing across all twelve key centers with titles and imagery suggested by Katya Quintus.

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